Follow IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Samson Dauda as he hits an intense shoulder and abdominal workout as he heads into his offseason.

Throughout the workout, Samson drinks INTRA[R3] intra-workout in Orange to keep his energy up and his muscles full. Samson’s workout features a number of exercises done as supersets to keep the intensity up and make sure he hits every muscle group in the delts.

Samson's Shoulders & Abs Workout

Hanging Leg Raises Superset with Machine Ab Crunch
Samson saw great progress with his midsection throughout his prep for the Arnold Classic by integrating regular ab training, and is going to continue this throughout the offseason to help keep his waist tight. He supersets hanging leg raises with a machine crunch to target both the lower and upper abdominals. Samson uses a captain’s chair for the hanging leg raises, keeping a slight bend in the knees through each rep. Samson does 3 sets of 10 reps of each exercise, moving directly from the leg raises to the crunches.

Machine Shoulder Press Superset with Machine Lateral Raise
As the first shoulder exercise of the workout, Samson supersets a machine shoulder press with a machine lateral raise. He does light weight warm-up sets to start, aiming for 10 – 12 reps as he increases the weight up to his full-out heavy working sets of 6 – 8 reps. At the bottom of each rep, Samson makes sure his elbows come below shoulder height to fully engage the delt through the range of motion.

Cable Cross Rear Delt Flye Superset
Samson moves onto a superset of cable cross rear delts. With the cables set in a high position, for the first exercise he uses an overhand grip and pulls the cables out high so his arms are in line with the shoulders. Without releasing the weight, he changes the angle so he’s pulling the weight back and down at a 45-degree angle to capture the full rear delt muscle group. He does four sets, doing 10 reps of each movement. At the bottom of the movement, he makes sure to fully open up his back, and only pull the weight back so his arms are in line with his body. This keeps the focus on the rear delt and out of the lats and rhomboids.

Front Delt Machine Press
As his next exercise, Samson targets the front delt with a machine front press. He uses the handles of the machine so his palms are facing in with his elbows pointing forwards to hit the front delt. Samson does 3 higher rep sets, aiming for 15 reps, as the front delts get worked regularly throughout the week on other body parts such as chest. Due to this, they’re already tired, so a lighter weight with higher reps is ideal.

To finish off his shoulder workout, Samson hits traps. He does 3 heavy sets of 8 – 10 reps. Samson uses very slow and controlled reps to ensure the traps are doing all the work, making sure to get a full stretch at the bottom of the movement and a hard contraction at the top.