IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad's mass building leg workout

Workout fueled by HOSSTILITY pre-workout and INTRA[R3] intra-workout.

Lying Hamstring Curl: 

Fouad likes to start every leg workout out with a hamstring curl. This exercise allows you to warm up the knee without putting a direct load on it.. Set up a lying leg curl so that the ankle pad is about 2-3 inches away from your heel. Lay on the pad and begin to curl your legs up. Once at the top, hold and squeeze your hamstrings for a second, driving blood into the muscle and then control the weight back down. Do 3-4 sets of 8-10 reps, increasing weight each set, taking the last set to failure.


The secret to big legs is big compound movement. Set up the height of the hooks on the squat rack, so that the bar rests on the upper part of the shoulder and on the traps. Set safeties so that you are able to achieve at least a 90 degree angle at the bottom of your squat. To begin, get under the bar and make sure you are pulling your shoulder blades back nice and tight. Stand up tall, which will lift the bar off of the hooks. Walk back to the middle of the rack. Keep chest and head up and begin to descend. Focus on pushing the weight through your heels and not on the toes. Once at the bottom, stop completely and then explode up out of the hole.  Do 10 reps per set, starting off light and working weight up each set until you get to a working weight that is hard to do 10 reps. Take the last 2 sets to failure.

Banded Leg Press:

This is Fouad’s favourite movement to add bands on. Attach to the frame of the leg press behind the seat and attach the other side of the band to the arm of the leg press sled. Set yourself up on the leg press so that your feet are as low as possible on the sled so that when you are at the bottom of the movement, your heels stay planted. You want to begin by straightening your legs, lifting the sled off of the safeties. Unhook the safeties and begin to control the weight down. You want to go as low as you can just before your back starts to round or lift off of the pad. Once at the bottom, explode up and stop just before your knees lock. As you push the sled away, the band stretches and adds tension making it harder at the point where your legs are the strongest. Complete 5-6 sets of 15 reps, climbing up weight each set until you take the last set to complete failure.

Leg Extension:

The last exercise to completely exhaust the quads is leg extension. Set up a leg extension with the shit pads just above the foot. Extend the leg and explode up, contracting hard at the top of the movement. Next, control the weight back down and get a full range of motion. Do 15-20 reps for 3 sets, taking each set to failure.