Olympia qualified Hosstile athletes Nick Walker and Samson Dauda team up for a nasty leg workout

Seated Leg Curl
Nick and Samson begin by warming up on the seated leg curl. To perform this exercise correctly, assume a sitting position in the machine with your legs fully extended. The pad should rest just above your ankles. Contract your hamstrings to curl the pad all the way down, pause for a moment squeezing your hamstrings hard at the bottom, then return to the starting position.

Nick favors this specific hamstring machine as you can adjust the load onto specific areas. They finish this exercise on a final set of 10 reps, then adjust the load focus to the negative for another 10 reps, finalizing with partial reps until failure.

Hack Squat
They begin with two plates a side, gradually adding plate by plate until they reach their working sets. Once they reach their chosen weight, Nick explains their method of execution for this exercise, he wants to increase time under tension without pushing the load. They perform three regular controlled reps, and on the fourth rep they slow down the rep completely, with a pause at the bottom before exploding upwards. They perform this three times to complete a single full set. Repeat this for a further two sets to complete this exercise.

Leg Press
For this exercise, they perform a similar technique to the previous. Adjusting your execution of an exercise can still allow for muscle growth but spare your body from any injuries from heavy loading. They complete one set of 20 reps, and for their following sets, they slow down the fourth rep, keeping the quads engaged by not fully extending or locking out during their set. 

Leg Extensions
For the finisher of their training session, they use the leg extension to perform cluster sets. Cluster sets are smaller sets built into a larger set with rest increments that range from 10-30 seconds. To match Nick and Samson’s workout, complete 5-6 sets of 12 reps with only 30 seconds of rest between sets. Add this burner to the end of your workout to really complete that Olympian leg session and leave those quads fully pumped.