NPC bodybuilder Justin Shier takes us through a mass-building leg workout. Give this brutal offseason bodybuilding workout a try to add more thickness and mass to your legs.


Below is a breakdown of Justin's bodybuilding leg workout. For additional information and tactics used in the workout, be sure to watch the video.

Seated Leg Curl
Perform one working set of 12 reps to failure, using 3 second negatives plus partials.

Smith Machine Squat
Perform one working set of 12 reps to failure. Use 3 second negatives, pausing briefly at the bottom of the movement.

Dumbbell Lying Leg Curl
Perform one top set, executed in a rest-pause fashion. (Example: one set of 12 reps to failure, 15 deep breaths, a second set of 6 reps to failure, 15 deep breaths, and a third set of 4 reps to failure.)

Leg Press
Movement performed here on a Cybex squat press machine. Do one top set of 12 or more reps to failure. Then, perform a back-off set of 15 or more reps to failure.

Leg Extension
Perform two working sets of 12 or more reps at the same weight, to failure. Pause in at the top and the bottom of the movement, using 3 second negatives.

Adductor Machine
Perform two working sets at the same weight, executing the second set in a rest-pause fashion. Be sure to pause briefly in the stretched position and the contracted position for maximum results.

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