Justin fuels his workouts using an all-in-one pre-workout about 203-0 minutes before training. He then consumes a stimulant-free intra-workout which he sips on slowly throughout the workout. His pre-workout consists of 1 scoop of Grape Bubble Gum HOSSTILITY stim pre-workout, and his intra-workout consists of 1 scoop of Watermelon INTRA[R3] intra-workout.


Justin begins by warming up his shoulders with a few band exercises to get blood into his joints, allowing for a safer workout, and helping him with his range of motion when pressing.

Pec Deck Fly
Justin adds D handles onto the pec deck handles, allowing him more freedom in his range of motion. He finds it causes less aggravation and tension on his elbows and suggests trying this method if this is something you suffer with. He warms up with 8-10 reps, slowly pyramiding up in weight and focusing on the full stretch and contraction. Once he has reached his favored weight for his working sets, he performs one top set followed by one backoff set. To find the weight for your back-off set, reduce the load of your top set by 10-15 percent. This way, the load stays high enough that you’ll still get stronger, but you’ve lowered it enough to avoid unnecessary overreaching.  

Chest Press
Now that his chest is fully warmed up, he feels safer and ready for his pressing movements. Again, after progressing the weight up until it reaches a comfortable load, Justin performs two working sets of 1 x top set and 1 x back off set. When executing these reps, Justin prefers to pause in the stretch and perform the reps as controlled but explosive as possible to get the most benefit out of his workout. 

Cable Side Lateral Raise
Justin’s next exercise focuses on his side delts. To perform this exercise, set your cable up so that it aligns with the height of your wrist. Take a step out to the side and stand upright. Use your free arm to hold onto the cable if needed to for balance, and raise your arm directly out to your side. Make sure to raise it as far away from yourself as possible to get the full load onto the muscle. When controlling the weight back down, keep the tension in your shoulder by only stopping right at your side and not dropping the weight back to the cable. Once you reach your final set, perform as many reps as possible in the full range of motion, and finish with partial reps to exhaust the muscle fully. 

Incline Dumbbell Press
Justin now moves on to his second pressing movement. To perform an incline dumbbell press, set the incline of your bench to between 30 to 45 degrees. The bigger the angle, the more the exercise will engage your shoulders. 30 degrees is the ideal angle for hitting the upper portion of the chest. Justin keeps the same technique as his previous pressing movement. Focus on a slow negative, pause in the stretch position, and then an explosive press. Justin follows these principles to get more out of the weight instead of increasing the load. Improving your execution can be just as, if not more, effective. For this movement, Justin performs just one working set.

Shoulder Press
To set up the seat correctly in this exercise, sit in the starting position and lower your hands to where they should sit at the bottom of a pressing movement. Your elbow should still be tucked under the weight and not drift behind the weight. If the handles do not meet where your hand is, adjust the seat up/downward to match your position. If your hands are too low, this will add unnecessary strain on your shoulders, so make sure you prioritize the position and setup of this exercise before progressing the weight. Justin performs two working sets, one top set, and one back-off set.

Side Lateral Raise Machine
Justin faces backward on this movement as he finds the angle more comfortable. He can drive the weight straight out with more tension on his side delt. If you have avoided this machine, or have found it uncomfortable in the past, try Justin's technique to make it more effective. Alternatively, you can perform this exercise with dumbbells if your gym does not have this machine. He performs one all-out set until failure and then incorporates partial reps in a drop set to finish off his workout.