HOSSTILE athletes Tilda Selby and Dean White meet at Dean’s gym, Falcon Fitness, for a grueling quad workout.

Tilda combines HOSSTILE CDX Cluster Dextrin in Mixed Berry, BLOODSHOT non stim pre-workout in Sour Peach, and SILO[9] EAAs in Blueberry Lemonade to drink during her quad day to keep the muscle pumped, and to stay focused, energized, and hydrated through the intense workout.

Leg Extensions
To warm up the quads, Dean and Tilda start with leg extensions, working one leg at a time. Once their quads are warmed up, they move into 3 working sets of 10 – 12 reps, using both legs. To ensure the quads are working, the movement starts in the quads, focusing on lifting the weight up to keep the work out of the knees. To finish the final set, they spot each other for forced reps to work past failure.

Leg Press
Now that the quads are warmed up and ready for heavier work, Dean and Tilda move to the Cybex leg press machine. They use a low, narrow stance on the plate to really target the quads, ensuring they get deep at the bottom of each rep. To keep the weight loaded in the quads, Dean and Tilda don’t lock their knees at the top of the rep and use a controlled tempo through the entire rep. They work up in weight, doing 2 feeder sets of 8 reps to build to their working set of 10 – 12 reps, where they hit failure.

Building adductors is a priority for Dean’s offseason, so the pair make use of two adductor machines. The first machine is performed with the legs out straight, allowing a deeper stretch in the adductors to load the muscle. They do 2 sets of 12 – 15 to warmup the muscle before moving to the second adductor machine which is done with a bend in the knee, allowing them to go heavier. They do another 2 sets, going to failure on each set.

Single Leg Extension
To finish the workout, Tilda and Dean move to the plate-loaded unilateral leg extension machine. They perform this one leg at a time so they can focus on each quad individually, doing 3 sets of 10 reps. To get the most out of the quad, make sure you stay anchored in the seat and focus on using the top portion of the quad through the entire range of movement.

Following the training session, Dean blends HOSSTILE ISO[H1] grass fed whey protein isolate in Cookies & Cream with unflavored CDX Cluster Dextrin into a post-workout shake. This combo provides his body with easily digestible sources of protein and carbs to kick-off the recovery process after a tough workout.