Looking to achieve maximum back growth? You’ll need a good routine that targets all areas of your back. After doing a lot of shoulder mobility using bands and performing a couple of warm-up sets, I did this black-blasting workout. For a quick video breakdown of this workout, check out our Hosstile Supplements IGTV.

Workout fueled by BLOODSHOT and INTRA[R3].


Wide-Grip Pulldown
Sets: 5
Reps: 15-20

I want you to use a wider grip than usual here. We’re targeting our upper lats and our teres muscles here to increase the appearance of width. The range of motion is going to be exaggerated, full stretch at the top, unlocking your shoulders to as high as possible, and pulling with some explosive force while keeping the muscle engaged until the bar hits your chest. Try and keep this form throughout, we’re going to do some high volume here! Looking for five sets pyramiding up in weight but the last three being the heaviest. I want you to go to failure on the last three sets, so 20 reps should be almost impossible to get.

Kneeling Straight-Arm Pulldown
Sets: 4
Reps: 15-20

I did these kneeling to avoid swinging my body at all. Doing this will engage the back more and give me less chance to cheat. Try to keep control throughout the entire range of motion. Do not throw the wait down to your body; make the muscle do the work to contract it down. Same goes for the negative portion of the movement, do not just let the weight swing back up, control the negative. Make your back work! This is another high volume movement, and it should feel awesome after the wide-grip pulldowns. Be sure to use a wider than usual grip on these as well and your outer upper lats and teres will be screaming! Do four sets here for 15 to 20 reps, but make sure it’s a really hard burn when you hit 12 and just try to keep going!

T-Bar Row
Sets: 5
Reps: 12-15

I used a close grip for this movement, like I always do. I am trying to target mainly the center of my back outward — the rhomboids, lower inner lats, and outward from there. Watch the video on the Hosstile Supplements IGTV; it is important to bring the weight to your body and not pull your body down to meet the weight. Use your elbows to pull the weight back until it hits your upper abdomen or chest. If you want a greater range of motion, you can use 25 lbs plates instead of the 45s. Do five sets here, working up to your heaviest weight for 12 to 15. Make sure you get two sets with the heaviest weight.

Barbell Row
Sets: 5
Reps: 10

Today, I did these with an overhand grip; I sometimes use an underhand grip. Same applies here as with T-bar rows, pull the weight hard with your elbows to your lower abdomen, do not pull your body downward. You’re going to do five sets here as well, but the last three should be your heaviest set for 10 reps. For example, I did one plate a side on the first set, two plates a side on the second set, and three plates a side for the next three sets.

It does not matter what is written out on the screen. I could add 10 sets to this or reduce it by five, and it would not matter if you’re not focused! When you’re doing each set, I don’t want you to think about the next set, how long you’ve been there, what bills you have to pay, how bad it hurts, or any other shit. When you do a set, wipe everything away and only think; how can I make this muscle hurt more than it already does!