NPC competitor Nick Justice takes us through an intense quads and calves workout.



Follow Nick's bodybuilding leg workout below and use his tips and tricks shared in the video to blow up your quads and calves.

Leg Extensions 3-4 20-25
Leg Extensions 2 Failure
Leg Press 2 10-12
Banded Reverse Hack Squats 2 20
Walking Lunge 3 20 each leg
Seated Calf Raise 3 15


Whether you compete in bodybuilding, classic or physique, or just want a strong, balanced lower body, a nice big set of quads is a must. So how do you get bigger quads? The answer is a good mix of compound movements and isolation exercises with lots of intensity. These six brutal leg exercises can help add muscle mass to any lifter's lower body.

The best bodybuilding leg workouts start with a strong performance pre-workout to help fuel the intense workout ahead. Nick uses HOSSTILITY pre-workout, a complete all-in-one pre-workout designed to amplify your strength, energy, endurance, and focus with proven ingredients that are clinically dosed.*

Start the quad workout with warm-up sets of single-leg extensions. The leg extension is designed to focus almost entirely on your quads, so it is a good exercise to start with on leg days. Complete 3-4 sets of 20-25 reps each leg to get your quads ready for heavier working sets.

Next, move on to regular leg extensions, where you will grind out two working sets. Go to failure on the first set, then again on the second. On the second set, do a double drop set. Complete reps to failure, then drop the weight and do another set to failure and repeat.

After the leg extension, head over to the leg press. Once in the machine, position your feet low and narrow on the platform, then do two working sets to failure. Use a weight that is heavy enough to reach failure around 10-12 reps.

Following the leg press, move on to walking lunges. Find a space that allows you room to do 20 reps each leg for walking lunges. Use smaller steps to really emphasize and burn out the quads.

After this insanely taxing quad workout, finish off with three sets of 15 reps of seated calf raises.

If you made it to the end of Nick's leg demolishing workout, it's time to think about post-workout recovery. Consuming a high-quality post-workout protein immediately after an intense leg session will help kick start recovery. ISO[H1] grass fed whey protein isolate gives you 25 grams of protein per serving and is the perfect protein to help refuel and repair the muscles and speed recovery.