Build monstrous legs with these five quad-focused exercises from IFBB Pro Brett Wilkin.


Brett Wilkin fuels his quads and calves workout with BLOODSHOT Sour Peach to help drive a better pump, energy, endurance, and focus. Intra-workout, he uses INTRA[R3] to help extend the effects of his pre-workout drink.

Brett starts his leg workouts with calves. This not only allows him to warm up his legs prior to bigger heavy compound movements as well as allows him to maximize his calf training. A lot of people save calves until the end of their leg day which can lead to people skipping calves or not training them as hard as other leg muscles when trying to build bigger legs.

Hack Squat Calf Raise Superset with Seated Calf Raise:
Set yourself up in the hack squat so that your shoulders are on the pads, chest is up high, and feet are at the bottom of the platform with your heels hanging off. Begin by standing up tall and lower yourself down by your calves letting your heels drop below the platform in a controlled manner. Once at the bottom explode up. Perform warm up sets of 10-15 reps until you reach failure on a peak set. Once completed set, immediately go over to the seated calf raise and perform 10-15 reps.

Single-Leg Quad Extension:
Next up, you will pre-exhaust the quads by performing single leg extension. Really focus on full range of motion. Each rep you want to focus on contracting your quads hard and letting your quads stretch fully. Perform sets of 12-15 reps per set, increasing weight each set until you reach a peak set where you hit failure at 12-15 reps. Once failure is achieved, drop weight about 20% and perform as many reps as possible until failure again and then drop the weight a second time and go to failure again.

Leg Press:
This is the first big quad movement of the workout. You want to have your feet about 6 inches apart and low on the platform as this will put the focus on the quad. Begin by lowering the weight in a controlled manner for a 3 second count, once at the bottom pause for a second in order to eliminate momentum and explode up driving the weight up quickly. Perform sets of 12-15 reps, increasing weight each set until you fail at a peak set of 15 reps.

Smith Machine Squats:
Place wedges underneath your heals. This will allow you to transfer your weight over the quads without causing undo discomfort on your knees. Perform sets of 15 reps, climbing up weight each set until you hit failure on your peak set.

Abductor Machine:
A major part of having massive legs is having big inner thighs. Perform sets of 12-15 reps, contracting hard as you bring your knees together and slowly returning the weight back to its start position for a count of 3.

Hack Squat:
Brett puts these at the end of his workout so that he doesn’t have to go as heavy. By doing these last, his legs don’t require the same resistance to generate growth that he would if he started his workout with this exercise. Set up in the hack squat so that your shoulders are on the pads, chest is up high and feet are in about the middle of the platform. Begin by standing up tall and disconnecting the safeties. Begin to lower yourself down in a controlled manner and stop at 90 degrees or below for 3 seconds each rep. Once at the bottom explode up. Perform warm up sets of 10-12 reps until you reach failure and do one set to failure. Once you hit failure, drop the weight and perform 1 and a half rep sets. This means you will go all the way down then halfway up, drop back down and come all the way up each repetition until you hit failure again.