Build a barn door back with bodybuilders Fouad Abiad, Samson Dauda and Paul Lauzon

Pre-workout Supplement

Fouad Abiad, Samson Dauda, and Paul Lauzon all use HOSSTILITY stim pre-workout before training back.

Intra-workout Supplement

Fouad Abiad combines one scoop of Intra[R3] intra-workout with one scoop of CDX Cluster Dextrin performance carbs and sips on this throughout his workout.

Samson Dauda combines one scoop of Intra[R3] intra-workout with one scoop of BLOODSHOT non-stim pre-workout to support muscle pumps throughout the workout.

Paul Lauzon uses one scoop of Intra[R3] intra-workout and sips on this throughout his workout.

Back Training Details

Fouad, Samson, and Paul complete three feeder sets and two working sets for each exercise during this back workout. Feeder sets allow you to work up to your top load without burning through too much energy but also pump blood into your muscles, getting you warmed up and ready to begin. Typically, your feeder sets will consist of 2 - 3 sets of 3-6 reps each to allow you to feel the weight and stretch out your muscles. The number of feeder sets you perform may start high and gradually decrease throughout the workout as you feel pumped and loose.

Back Workout for Mass

Machine Pullovers
Fouad likes to start with this exercise as it really stretches out your shoulders & back, opening everything up and getting your body nice and loose for your workout. Our muscles grow best when we challenge them in a deep stretch. He always recommends starting with a pulldown movement over a row like this one, as it best prepares your body for the following movements, avoiding potential injury.

To execute this movement as Fouad, Samson, and Paul do, be sure to focus on your control. You will want to use as much power as possible to dig your elbows down from the starting position into your sides, so that your hands almost reach your lap. Once reached, squeeze and contract here before slowly bringing your elbows back up in a controlled manner. Avoid crunching your back in this exercise to assist with the weight. Doing so will disengage your lats. You will need to keep your back straight at all times to get the most out of this exercise.

Pro Tip: If you are unfamiliar with this machine, try a few different hand variations - underhand and overhand, to decide which makes you more comfortable, giving you contraction in your desired area.

Lat Pulldown
For this exercise, Fouad explains the execution in three simple movements: stretch, retract, and dig. Stretch all the way out, retract the shoulders, and dig with your elbows.

To get the best lat contraction, sit back on the seat to allow yourself to pull without leaning your body. You want to drive your elbows straight down without a swing. Dropping your shoulders after the stretch will focus more on the lat, which takes away the stress that would have been on your shoulders at the start of the movement. Keep your chest out when performing this movement and stay firmly on the seat. Be sure to avoid dropping your chest (like a crunching movement) in your final few reps; keep the elbows digging through the movement with a straight back.

Bentover Barbell Row
Fouad, Samson, and Paul perform this exercise with a barbell. Doing bent-over rows with the barbell can help improve your posture and build your forearm strength.

To open your back more in this exercise, stretch out your shoulders throughout the movement. This will allow you as much range of motion as possible, though be sure to keep your back straight throughout the motion with a slight tilt in your body. Explode out of the bottom of the movement, focus on the contraction, and stay controlled on the negative.

Supported T-Bar Row
They choose another rowing movement for their workout, as it is important to work your muscles from all angles for optimal growth. Fouad prefers the supported T-Bar row, as he does not have to worry about his balance in the movement. He can focus entirely on the exercise and his form throughout the execution. They choose the inner grip to allow for more focus on the bottom half of the movement.

Make sure you get a full stretch in this exercise. Your back is full of complex muscles and must be targeted with control. Dig slowly with your elbows and keep your chest on the pad throughout the motion.

Rack Pulls
When setting up for this exercise, it is important to not set the rack too high. Doing so will engage your glutes. For the best start up, set the rack inline with the middle of your shin.

When you begin, keep your whole body controlled, contracting all the way through the movement. Be sure to take your time with this movement, pulling your shoulders together at the top of the movement to fully engage your back. Do not rush your reps, as it is important to feel the weight and not just move it.

Additionally, keeping your reps slow and control will avoid bounce. Do not bounce the weight off the rack as this adds momentum into your second rep, disengaging the muscle from the start of the movement.