Samson Dauda & Dean White's Huge Back Workout

Straight-Arm Pulldown
Samson and Dean start their workout by performing straight-arm pulldowns on the cable machine. This will warm up their lats, upper back, and core, priming them for the rest of their workout. When performing this exercise, fully extend your arms for a full stretch. Slightly bend your torso at the waist and contract the lats by pulling the bar down until your hands are beside you. After warming up, Samson and Dean perform a top set of a drop set, consisting of 3 drops of 8 reps each.

Seated Cable Row
Moving onto the second exercise, they perform seated rows with a wider handle. This will allow for the movement to be more lat focused, as this handle allows for easier mobility for the elbow to dig into your side. Begin this exercise by grabbing the handles, tightening your core, straightening your back, and extending your arms until they’re nearly locked out. Your legs should be stiff with a slight bend, keeping them locked in this position will allow you to focus the movement just through the arms and elbows. Pull the handle towards you and squeeze your shoulder blades together. When you’ve reached peak contraction, your elbows should be slightly behind your body, and your forearms should be near your ribs. Watch how Samson and Dean pull with their elbows, eliminating additional swing in their body and allowing for complete focus on their back. 

Close-Grip Pulldown
During a close grip pulldown, you’ll want to lean slightly back. Adopting a slight lean helps you generate enough momentum to get the weight moving while maintaining control. Leaning too far back moves the focus from the lats to the rhomboids and traps. But, not leaning at all can limit the weight you can use. Samson and Dean pull down towards their chest and retract back upwards slowly, getting full use of the stretch. 

T-Bar Row
For their last movement, Samson moves over to the Panatta T-Bar row, explaining to Dean that it is one of his consistent movements in his back training sessions. When performing this movement, keep your chest on the pad at all times, and be sure not to raise it during the peak of the movement. Pull the weight up through your elbows, squeezing the shoulder blades together and returning to the starting position slowly. Dean and Samson perform reps of 10-15, to fully exhaust their muscles at the end of the workout.