IFBB Pro Nathan Epler takes us through an offseason workout and shows you six moves to build bigger legs.


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Standing Calf Raise:

Nathan begins his leg workout with calves so that he can make sure he makes them a priority and not an afterthought at the end of the workout. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-15 reps. Make sure that you are getting a good stretch at the bottom of the movement with a brief pause to eliminate momentum. Explode up and contract your calves hard each rep.

Lying Hamstring Curl:

Next, Nathan moves on to lying hamstring curls. Complete 10 reps per set, increasing weight each set until you fail at 10 reps and take two sets to failure. Once completed the two working sets, back the weight off and prop yourself up on your hands, this will lock your hips into the pad which eliminates your ability to drive the weight up with your glutes and puts all of the emphasis on your quads.

Leg Extension:

After the hamstring curl, Nathan moves on to leg extensions. He completes 2-3 warm up sets and increases weight each set. For the two working sets, Nathan does to cluster sets. For these sets perform 15 reps, pause for 5 seconds and then perform as many reps as possible, pause for 5 seconds and then perform as many reps as possible and pause for 5 seconds and then perform as many reps as possible.

Close Stance Machine Squat:

For this exercise, stand with your feet slightly narrower than shoulder distance apart. Control the weight down each rep and explode and drive the weight up. Do 2-3 warm up sets doing 8-10 reps per set, working up to a weight where you will hit failure at 10 reps and do 2 working sets at that weight.

Leg Press:

Set your feet low on the platform to put emphasis on the quads. Control the weight each rep and keep the emphasis on the muscle. Perform 2-3 warm up sets and do 8-10 reps working your way up in weight. Once you have made it to your working weight, take 2 sets at that weight to failure.

Adductor Machine:

Nathan finishes off his workout with the adductor machine. Each set, perform 5 reps and then hold the contracting for 5 seconds before immediately doing another 5 reps followed by a 5 second hold. Do 3-4 sets taking the last two to failure.