HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 9: Avoid the Offseason Bloat

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad

IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad takes you through another Q&A to help you get your game on track! Topics covered range from how to avoid the offseason bloat to how much strength can you expect to lose when cutting.



02:14 - Do I have to weigh all my bodybuilding food or can I eye ball it?

05:55 - Which supplements would you consider essential for bodybuilders?

08:17 - What are some tricks to avoid bloating in the offseason?

12:14 - Is pain and soreness an indicator of a good workout?

15:49 - When you do a contest diet do you change your training?

16:31 - Are you expected to lose a lot of strength in a weight cut?

19:02 - Whats your opinion of fitness trackers?

19:31 - Single arm dumbbell rows feel off to me, what should I do?

21:25 - Is it better to do two cheat meals or one cheat day?

22:53 - Why is pork and lamb not used in most bodybuilding diets?

23:28 - Can we stack the two Hosstile bodybuilding pre-workouts?

26:12 - Why do we lose weight sometimes after a cheat meal?

27:15 - Will you be doing a chocolate flavored product?

27:29 - Is carb cycling the best way to stay lean in the offseason?

29:11 - How has your training changed in the last five years?

30:20 - Are nutrition labels on meats at the grocery store for raw or cooked weights?

31:30 - Is straining your ground beef going to make it much leaner?

32:02 - Do you clean the fat off the chicken before cooking?

32:35 - Whats a quick snack for on the go workers?

34:06 - Is the process of cutting weight harmful?

36:38 - Does Hosstile have a stack for mass and strength?

38:16 - Tips to gain muscle mass during ramadan?

39:24 - How should I start training when I get back to the gym?

40:56 - Is there a difference between a thumbless grip and normal grip?

41:12 - Is it possible to be 260 pounds lean naturally?

41:54 - Is fasting to lose weight better than a traditional bodybuilding diet?

44:00 - When should I take my preworkout?

44:19 - How should I work on shrinking my waist?

46:22 - Any issues with anti-inflammatories causing puffiness?

46:38 - What weight, set, reps increases do you make in the offseason?

47:57 - Do you want to open your own gym?

48:22 - Does cluster dextrin help with fat loss?

49:00 - Would you count the steps you take at work toward your cardio goals?

50:35 - What amount of sleep is required to grow?

51:45 - How do you create a caloric deficit?

52:23 - How often do you stretch, foam roll, etc.?

53:12 - Do you very your tempo's when lifting?

55:45 - How long does it take to prep for a show?

57:36 - How important is periodization?

59:50 - Does mixed grip cause lat imbalances?

1:00:30 - How do I even out my arm size?

1:01:34 - Is ab development mostly genetic?

1:03:44 - Favorite pre and post workout meal?

1:05:05 - Whats most difficult about starting a business?

1:09:12 - How can I get better sleep?

1:10:56 - Has the supplement launch been great?

1:11:45 - More volume or heavy weight for growth?

1:12:00 - When starting should I lost fat before bulking?

1:13:34 - Advice to build grip strength?

1:14:47 - I tore an ab, tips on getting back to work normally?