HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 8: Saturate the Muscle to Grow

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad

IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad shares his knowledge about getting huge and not just wasting time, why HOSSTILE chose certain ingredients for the brand, are meal replacement powders worth it, and much much more!



03:27 - Coming off contest how to improve your muscle mass and not stay stuck in the same place all year?

09:49 - What is the lowest body fat you can stay at year round and still build muscle?

13:58 - Any chance you have some new apparel dropping in the near future?

15:40 - Are DB's or Band's better for the days in quarantine?

16:52 - What are your thoughts on mass gainer shakes?

21:42 - What is your take on full body workouts?

22:43 - When will you have a trainer launching through Hosstile?

23:20 - Whats the UK availability for Hosstile?

24:29 - What is the reasoning behind the Peak02 ingredient in some of your products?

27:38 - How did your friendship with Luke start?

28:58 - Will you ever run specials or discounts on the Hosstile brand?

33:03 - How can nicotine affect your program?

36:04 - If you want to get to the top should you start with gear sooner?

37:08 - Is a real food supplement coming in the future?

38:06 - Do you get a lot of backlash from other supplement companies?

40:06 - What's the cut off point for burning muscle when doing cardio?

41:36 - Are full dead and rack dead exercises important for building a thick back?

42:32 - What elbow wraps do you suggest when lifting heavy?

43:06 - How do you obtain a dry and grainy physique?

45:23 - What's the craziest thing you've done during a prep?

48:50 - Have you found anything to help Osgood-Schlatter disease?

49:50 - How low on calories have you ended up at before a show?

51:00 - How do you go about getting gyno surgery and how much does it cost?

51:22 - Will you ever sponsor athletes when the brand is up and running?

53:00 - During this lockdown I have been craving sweets. How often do you have junk food during the week?

54:10 - Can someone follow your full day of eating plan for their surplus is it worked out for them?

54:26 - Biggest struggle you've had to overcome within your bodybuilding career or supplement company?

1:01:01 - Does the artificial sweeteners in supplements cause digestive issues?

1:02:29 - How about some cooking shows where you use supplements to cook with?

1:03:11 - What can I do for cardio since I can't get to the gym?

1:04:06 - What's the biggest mistake you made in your career?

1:06:42 - Hardest body part for you to develop?

1:07:22 - Do you think your supplements will ever be available through any retailers?

1:08:30 - What previous meal is the one that's fueling your workout?