HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 6: How Long a Diet Should Be to Get Shredded

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad


IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad discusses the best sleep aids to use during prep, how to get shredded fast, when to combine carbs and fats, how to consume carbs around your workout, plant-based protein and muscle building, and much more in episode six of the Hosstile Supplements Q&A video series.


1:51 - Will you have a booth at the Arnold Classic? And will your supplements be available by then?
2:48 – What sets your supplement brand apart from the hundreds of others out there?
8:21 – If you combine fats with high glycemic carbs, do you think the fats get shuttled to adipose tissue or the fats lessen the glycemic impact of the carbs?
9:53 - Can you build a great chest without flye movements?
10:43 - When should you start bulking after a huge weight loss period?
12:32 – What macros do you suggest for someone looking to cut?
13:28 – If you are in a calorie surplus for a while, should you continue to increase calorie intake or maintain to build quality muscle?
14:48 – If you had to choose one, would you put carbs pre- or post-workout?
18:11 – How do you get out of a gym rut when you lose motivation and don’t feel like lifting?
24:25 – Do you prefer high volume with lower weight or the opposite for arms?
26:07 – Are there tips or sleep aids you recommend when struggling to get sleep during prep?
27:45 – In a push-pull workout routine, where do you place shoulders?
28:50 – Who do you think is the best actor who was previously a bodybuilder or a lifter?
29:20 – Do you need to get fat during the offseason to get big?
30:49 – Should you cycle a non-stim pre-workout?
31:46 – Does a meniscus tear mean the end of a bodybuilding career? How does switching from meat to plant-based diet proteins impact a physique?
33:00 – How much protein intake should you get from protein powders if you’re consuming 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight?
34:48 – If you could train with anyone living or dead, who would you choose to learn from?
36:23 – What are the most overrated supplements on the market?
38:43 – Why eat low fat protein and add in fats like avocados instead of just eating chicken thighs?
41:20 – How does switching from meat to plant-based diet proteins impact a physique?
44:59 – How long would you usually prep for a show? And what is your cardio regimen like during prep?
46:09 – Do you need a carb or a fat source with a protein shake, or is all protein still used by the body?
48:09 – What is the best way to utilize a Theragun device for pre-workout blood flow and post-workout recovery?
49:21 – Is it better to cut for longer and coming down in weight easier, or cut faster and lose weight more harshly?
50:51 – For building muscle, is it best to do all sets as pyramid sets or would adding some straight sets into the workout be ideal?
53:18 – What leg exercises do you suggest for someone suffering from knee pain who can’t do squats, leg extensions, etc.?