HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 5: Five Things That Will Kill Your Appetite

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad


IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad discusses the top things that will kill your appetite, how to bulk and lose fat at the same time, what things to consider if you want to compete in bodybuilding, what type of creatine is best in a pre-workout, the perfect pre-bedtime meal, and much more in episode five of the Hosstile Supplements Q&A video series.


3:18 – If you’re doing cardio post-workout, should you have whey protein or EAAs beforehand?

4:27 – When is registration for the Fouad Abiad Championships in Windsor?

4:49 – What are the best protein snacks?

5:26 – What is a good back workout with an emphasis on upper back development?

5:50 – When will Hosstile Supplements be released?

6:37 – What are some possible flavors that you may or may not release in the future?

8:26 – What is the best pre-bedtime meal, or does it matter?

10:39 – Will any of the products have creatine monohydrate?

11:34 – When your calories get very low, do you consider intermittent fasting?

14:00 – With squats, should you aim to feel it through the quads, hams and glutes? And should you push through your foot or heel?

17:18 – Any suggestions for types of therapies when you have calcification in a muscle?

18:36 – What kind of mobility/recovery work do you do?

19:40 – Can you bulk and lose fat at the same time?

23:40 – What’s the difference between wraps and knee sleeves?

27:05 – What’s the perfect shoe for leg day?

28:28 – How many cups of coffee or espresso do you recommend per day?

29:39 – Can you announce any flavors of the new supplements?

31:40 – What is the worst chore you hate to do at home?

32:35 – Is your clothing available in the UK yet?

34:17 – Are waist trainers worth using during prep? 36:49  How do you increase appetite when you’re struggling to get meals in?

41:03 – What are your thoughts on GDA supplements and the way they are being marketed?

41:59 – What got you into training and who was the first bodybuilder you saw that was impressive?

45:06 – How do you get rid of toxic people from your life who don’t support your fitness goals?

50:24 – How do you increase mind-muscle connection after an injury to a muscle?

52:16 – Will there be creatine HCl or creatine monohydrate in your pre-workout?

53:52 – What are the top things to consider before stepping on stage for the first time?

57:36 – Should you hang onto the handles on the StepMill?

58:41 – What exercises do you think are underrated?

59:54 – Are basic exercises best for those looking to step on stage for the first time?