HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 4: Carbing Up for Your Workouts

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad

IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad discusses why you should carb up for workouts, how to eat on rest days versus training days, how to bring up lagging body parts, the best supplements for building muscle, what body part he would swap with Luke Sandoe, and much more in episode four of the Hosstile Q&A video series.


0:27 – Update on Hosstile Supplements launch

2:45 – What is Fouad Abiad’s favorite workout split?

5:46 – Have you ever done Dante Trudel’s Doggcrapp Training (DC Training)?

6:57 – What was the best pump you ever had? What did you do to fuel better muscle pumps?

10:48 – Will Hosstile Supplements have a sleep product? What other products will Hosstile Supplements offer?

12:24 – What are some tips to help get a better mind-muscle connection when performing exercises like barbell bench press?

15:53 – What is the best way to increase the size of your shoulders?

16:37 – Best tips for improving recovery after training legs?

17:56 – Do trends in bodybuilding steer people away from what it really takes to reach their goals?

22:46 – Did you see Iain Valliere wearing Hosstile apparel in the latest Chris Bumstead video?

23:32 – How do you deal with achy joints, especially the elbows and knees? What therapies or techniques have worked for you?

28:30 – What is your opinion on back-off sets? Do they help improve your strength on other lifts?

29:16 – What is the worst bodybuilding-related purchase you’ve ever made – supplements, gear, coaching, etc.?

30:25 – If you and Luke Sandoe swapped bodies for a day, what’s the first thing you would do?

31:19 – What are the top three supplements to gain muscle mass?

32:48 – Did your parents motivate you to compete in bodybuilding, or was it your own decision?

34:59 – Are BCAAs a good choice post-workout if I can’t stomach whole foods, whey protein, or anything else?

37:16 – What was a lagging body part for you, and what did you do to bring it up?

38:48 – What is the best approach to correcting muscle imbalances?

40:15 – What other fitness-related YouTube channels capture your attention?

41:04 – Are deadlifts superior to rack pulls for developing your lower back?

41:59 –What do you recommend for nutrition, supplements, etc. if you have to train early morning?

43:36 – How do your supplements differ from other companies?

46:54 – How does a blue-collar worker still get their meals in without a microwave while at work?

52:18 – What body part of Luke’s would you swap for your own to improve your physique?

53:02 – Does your training split style differ between prep and offseason?

54:09 – How do you eat on a rest day versus a training day?

55:09 – Is there anything you would redo in your career if you could, and what/how would you do it differently?

57:09 – Should you still train if you are battling a bad cold or flu or some other illness?