HOSSTILE Q&A EP. 1: Strength Gains and Hypertrophy

Q&A with IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad


IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad discusses strength gains and hypertrophy, how to determine your macros, cardio timing while building muscle, and much more in this episode of the Hosstile Supplements Q&A video series. 


1:30 - How to sign up for the Hosstile Supplements pre-order notification.
2:04 - What makes Hosstile Supplements different from other products on the market?
7:04 - Can Luke Sandoe win the Mr. Olympia?
8:28 - How do you determine your macros?
13:23 - Is there an advantage to competing more than once a year or would an extended offseason be better for adding as much size as possible?
17:13 - Are samples available for Hosstile Supplements?
18:07 - How much strength gains are necessary for maximum hypertrophy benefits?
22:03 - What are your thoughts on glucose disposal agent supplements?
24:25 - What do you do for muscle recovery?
29:52 - How important are fast (simple) carbohydrates for insulin spike pre- and post-workout?
31:38 - Can a bodybuilder be fertile on TRT?
32:53 - Will Hosstile Supplements be sponsoring athletes in the future? And if so, what do you look for in a potential athlete?
40:25 - How do you avoid getting fat eating a high amount of calories? Should you lose body fat first and then bulk?
45:27 - How long would it take someone who has been training for a year and has put on size to start seeing muscle separation?
49:25 - How many 10 minute walks have you done since Stan Efferding was on your Real Bodybuilding Podcast?
51:08 - How do you control stress levels?
55:09 - Do pro bodybuilders use creatine?
55:50 - How much of a body weight increase should you aim for weekly or monthly in the offseason?
59:40 - What is a "working set" and what is the proper way to perform it?
1:04:39 - Are you supposed to feel like crap in the gym when you are in a cutting phase of your diet?
1:06:24 - How often do you use pump versus stim pre-workouts? And do you use these products together or separate, and for what type of workouts do you use them?
1:13:55 - Should you get post-workout carbs from food or a carb supplement?
1:14:39 - Are there athletes in other sports that you think have potential in bodybuilding?
1:16:05 - Nate Diaz or Jorge Masvidal for the UFC's BMF belt?