Build a bigger chest with bodybuilders Fouad Abiad, Ben Chow, Samson Dauda, and Justin Shier

The Best Pre- and Intra-Workout Supplement Stacks for Bodybuilders

How do some of the best bodybuilding athletes fuel their workouts? Hosstile owner Fouad Abiad and athletes Ben Chow, Samson Dauda, and Justin Shier share their favorite supplement stacks.

Fouad Abiad’s Supplement Stack
Pre-Workout: HOSSTILITY complete all-in-one stim pre-workout + CDX Cluster Dextrin carb powder
Intra-Workout: SILO[9] essential amino acids + CDX Cluster Dextrin carb powder

Fouad fuels his workout with a stimulant pre-workout for improved energy and mixes it with a fast-acting performance carb powder to support performance, growth, and recovery.

Ben Chow’s Supplement Stack
Pre-workout: SILO[9] essential amino acids + PEAKO2 mushroom blend
Intra-Workout: 2 scoops INTRA[R3] intra-workout

Ben has been consuming PEAKO2 daily to achieve its full benefits of supporting increased strength, power, and endurance, helping him train harder and for longer.

Samson Dauda’s Supplement Stack
Intra-Workout: BLOODSHOT complete all-in-one non-stim pre-workout + INTRA[R3] intra-workout

Samson likes to consume his non-stim pre-workout during instead of before his workout to help support better muscle pumps throughout every exercise. He mixes his non-stim pre-workout with his intra-workout for maximum results.

Justin Shier’s Supplement Stack
Pre-workout: HOSSTILITY complete all-in-one stim pre-workout
Intra-Workout: 2 scoops INTRA[R3]

Justin opts for a stimulant pre-workout for improved energy and two servings of INTRA[R3] during his workout to support his performance and recovery and help keep him hydrated during training.


Hosstile Bodybuilding Chest Workout

Exercise 1: Pec Deck
To begin their workout, the guys use the pec dec machine to pre-exhaust their muscles and warm up the shoulder joint before their main compound movement of the session. They complete 2 x warm-up sets before moving into their working sets for this exercise. Fouad advises that, to perform this exercise with the best effect, keep your chest up and retract your shoulders at all times. This will cause your chest to push up when you bring the weights together at the peak of the movement. A common mistake is rolling your shoulders forward, which will engage your front delt and push your chest downward. This takes the contraction away from your pec, which will not target your goal for this exercise.

Exercise 2: Nautilus Flat Press
The guys now move on to the main compound press of their workout. Ben has stocked the Nautilus flat press in his gym, which they perform with a heavy load as it is the key staple of their chest-focused day. For tips on execution, keep your chest up and engaged, and keep full control of the weight throughout the movement. Do not rush the negative; take your time to feel the contraction and explode into the press. Watch the guys execute this with precision, and complete their last set with a drop set to allow them to exhaust all muscle fibers.

Exercise 3: Incline Press
To target the upper pec, the guys now move into their second press, which is an incline press. Again with this exercise, controlling the negative is key to performing it effectively. Do not rush the movement and keep contraction at all times. Fouad explains that control is essential. If you sacrifice control and spring from the bottom of the movement by bouncing the weight, it will take the stress away from the muscle and no longer be effective. Again, the guys perform a drop set as their final set, without neglecting proper form and intensity.

Exercise 4: Cable Fly
To finish off their workout, they perform cable flies. As with their other movements, a key tip when performing this movement is to keep your shoulders retracted. Do not roll your shoulders forward when increasing the weight, as the tension will be transferred into your delts and rotator cuffs. Pause each rep at the peak of the movement and squeeze. They perform 12+ reps (until failure) to flood blood into the muscle and exhaust every remaining muscle fiber.