IFBB Pro Justin Maki takes you through his superset arm workout as he preps for his next show, gunning for a 2021 Olympia qualification.



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Workout: All exercises consist of 5-6 sets of 10 reps, followed by a drop set on the last set of 20 reps.

Tircep Handle Pushdown:

Begin by setting up a tricep handle on a high cable pulley. Grab the handle and bring elbows down so they are inline with your ribs. Begin to straighten your arms and push the handle down. Once at the bottom, hold for a second and then control the weight back up. Avoid letting the elbows move front and back, as allowing them to move will take the focus off of the triceps and put it on the delts.

Alternating Bicep Curl:

Start with a dumbbell in each hand, hanging at your sides in a neutral position. With one arm at a time, begin to bring the weight up towards your shoulder, twisting so that your palms end up facing up when the dumbbell is at the top. Slowly return the weight back down towards your sides and repeat with the other arm. On the last set, fail at 8-10 reps and then drop the weight and perform more reps to failure and keep dropping weight until you get to 20 reps.

Preacher Curl Machine:

Adjust the seat height so that the bottom part of your arms are resting on the pad. Begin by curling the weight up towards your shoulders. Once at your shoulders, slowly return the weight back down, stopping at the halfway point. With each set, increase range of motion until you are doing full range of motion by the last set. Take the last set to failure at 10 reps and perform a drop set and continue to failure again. 

Cable Tricep Kickback:

Set up a low cable pulley without a handle. Bend over to a 45 degree angle, keeping shoulders back and your back flat. Keep the elbows up high and extend your arm and drive the cable back. Once at the top, slowly return the weight back down. Complete 10 reps and then switch arms. Take the last set to failure and perform a drop set. 

Standing Cable Curl: 

Set up a straight bar handle on a low cable pulley. Stand up tall and curl the weight up towards your shoulders. Contract your biceps hard at the top and slowly control the weight back down. Climb weight up each set, completing 10 reps a set. On the last set, Hit failure at 10 reps and perform a triple drop set, hitting failure 3 times.