Build bigger arms with IFBB Pro Nathan Epler’s high-volume biceps and triceps superset arm workout guaranteed to pack on mass

At 4 weeks out from the Mr. Olympia, Nathan’s energy is running low. To help him get the most out of his bodybuilding arm workouts, he takes 1 scoop of HOSSTILITY pre-workout and 1 scoop of SILO[9] EAAs during his workout. This workout is jam-packed with supersets guaranteed to tax your biceps and triceps, so it’s crucial to fuel his body with high-quality performance ingredients that support his intense training and promotes better recovery.

Nathan Epler’s Arm-Blasting Workout

Track Fitness Handle Pushdown Superset with Rope Hammer Curls
Begin by setting up a track fitness handle on a high cable machine. This handle allows your grip to change as you are doing the movement. If you do not have this type of handle, use a nylon handle where the plastic insert is free to move. Begin by grabbing the handles with palms facing down and drive the handles to the floor, extending your arms.

PRO TIP: Rotate wrists outward as far as possible as you push the handles down; this will allow the triceps to contract harder. With arms fully extended, begin to bend elbows and control the weight back up. Perform 15-20 reps. Once completed, immediately grab a rope handle set up on a low pully and perform hammer curls. Kick your elbows out, lean back and drag your elbows against your body. This will eliminate shoulder flexion and keep the emphasis on your biceps. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets and do three sets total.

Cable Single-Arm Curl Superset with Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension
Next, set up a single handle on a low cable. Stand up tall with the cable running behind you. Curl your wrist up towards your shoulder.

PRO TIP: Keep arm forward and locked in at sides to eliminate shoulder movement. With the bicep fully contracted, begin to lower the weight back down under control. Complete 15-20 reps. Once completed, head over to the dumbbell rack and set up a flat bench. Sit down on the bench and kick a dumbbell up towards your shoulders with your knee, resting it on one shoulder. Position the dumbbell between your hands, bring the weight overhead, and control the weight down behind your head. From this position, explode up and drive the dumbbell towards the ceiling, extending your arms. Complete 15-20 reps here. Do three sets to failure, resting 30-60 seconds between sets.

Flat Preacher Curl Superset with Cable Ball Pushdowns
Nathan is using a preacher curl with a pad that is parallel with the floor. This allows him to keep tension on the peak of the bicep. He is only going down to about 80% of full extension of his biceps. Perform 15-20 reps. Once completed, move over to a high cable with no handle and perform single-arm triceps pushdowns, hitting failure at 15-20 reps. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets and do three sets total.

Dumbbell Hammer Curls
Nathan finishes his workout off with one extra bicep movement, which is dumbbell bicep curls. Stand up tall with a dumbbell in each hand. Begin by curling the dumbbells up, one at a time. Once the dumbbell is around shoulder height, control the weight back down and then immediately perform the next rep with the alternating hand.

PRO TIP: Grab dumbbell at the top of the handle. As you drive the weight up, keep the wrist loose and push the weight to the ceiling. Make sure you keep your elbows held tight to the sight of your ribs. Do two sets to failure, failing at 15-20 reps per hand.