Spur new muscle growth using intensity techniques on four staple leg exercises


Standing Hamstring Curl
They begin their workout by warming up their hamstrings on a standing leg curl machine. They both complete four sets of 10 - 12 reps each leg, increasing the weight each set. They perform a drop set with 3 drops per leg on their last set. Getting the blood flowing into the hamstrings is a benefit for your quad workout, as it will allow for more mobility in your other movements that subtly involve the hamstring. For example, even though the hack squat may be targeted as a quad-building exercise, your hamstrings still become engaged, and having already pushed blood into them at the start of your workout will allow for a more fluid range of motion. So even when having isolated leg days, warming up the other muscle will benefit you and help avoid the risk of injury.

Leg Extension Superset with Leg Press
Next up in their workout is one of Samson's favorite supersets. This continuous superset combination will give you a complete burn on your outer quad sweep, an essential exercise for those wanting to build up their quads. Begin on the leg extension, completing 10 reps of a heavy load, then continue the set on the leg press, completing another 10 reps. After the leg press, move back onto the leg extension, drop the weight slightly and complete another 10 reps with a 2-second hold at the top of the movement. These three motions together will complete one set of this exercise. Repeat these movements another three times to leave your legs thoroughly scorched and pumped. Samson and Tilda both enjoy the intensity of this exercise, causing your legs to be fried entirely due to the constant work. They recommend performing this superset with a training partner, to allow you to push past your comfort zone and be able to use both machines if they are far apart in your gym.

Smith Machine Squats
Their final exercise in this workout is Smith Machine Squats. Samson favors performing squats on the Smith machine over a barbell as it takes the load off of his back, allowing him to push the weight up without any additional discomfort. Tilda finds squats the most beneficial at the end of your workout, as your lower body is fully warmed up and therefore more mobile to complete squats to the best of your ability. Samson and Tilda complete four sets of 10 reps each set, before completing a final set with a pause of 3 seconds at the bottom of the movement. After completing this for a minimum of 6 reps, they finish the set by dropping the weight and doing an additional 10 reps.

When performing squats at the Smith machine, place your feet a little forward in front of your body. Just far enough so that your knees aren't going past your toes when you squat down. The difference between this variation and a barbell squat is that here, your feet will not be directly under the bar. The Smith machine can put too much pressure on your joints, mainly your knees. If you place your feet forward, you don't run this risk. Before you start squatting, you'll want to make sure that the Smith machine is set up correctly for your height. The Smith bar should be level with your shoulders and sit on your traps. You can now begin your set.