The Chest Exercises You Need to Build a Bigger Chest

Nathan Epler's Pre- and Post-Workout Supplement Stack

1 scoop Sour Peach BLOODSHOT non-stim pre-workout 

1 vegetable capsule PURCAF Organic Caffeine

1.5 scoops Tangy Raspberry SILO[9] EAAs + Hydration

Nathan Epler's Chest Workout

Dumbbell Low Incline
After stretching, Nathan begins his workout with a low incline dumbbell press. He starts with performing 10-15 reps on his first few sets to warm up and then begins to increase the weight. When increasing the weight, Nathan performs fewer reps to start to conserve energy for his important working sets but also gives himself a feeler of each weight as he progresses the load. Once Nathan has his chosen weight for his top set, he puts on his HOSSTILE elbow sleeves (in size 2XL) for maximum support. He executes 11 reps with 145 lbs dumbbells, giving him a new PR! When Nathan performs this exercise, he makes sure to feel a deep stretch in his pecs. The handles of the dumbbell should be level with your upper chest, about an inch lower than your collarbone. Nathan performs another working set before moving on to his next exercise.

Machine Chest Press (Strive)
Nathan now moves onto a favorite machine of his, which is the Strive chest press. He loads the machine at the top and middle, which will cause most of the weight to focus on the hole of the movement. Nathan performs three sets of this exercise. On the third set, he performs a dropset with a hold at the top of the movement. He completes 6-8 reps before every weight drop, and on the final drop, he takes the set until failure to fully exhaust the muscles. 

Incline Dumbbell Fly Press
After two big pressing movements, Nathan wants to stretch out the chest, so he chooses to do dumbbell fly presses. To execute these effectively, Nathan explains that you want to start as if you are performing a dumbbell fly, but adjust your form slightly by adding a bend in the elbow to allow for that stretch he is going after. When choosing this technique, ensure not to lock out your arms when extended to the sides, and avoid dropping your arms lower than your shoulders to get the full effect of this movement. Nathan completes two working sets before moving on to the next exercise. 

Cable Flyes
To finish off, Nathan has performed his hard, intense movements and wants to focus on detail. He completes one warm-up set followed by 2-3 hard working sets of cable flyes which he supersets with close grip push-ups. This will flood the muscles with blood and push for that detail he is after. After completing his final exercises, he has 1.5 scoops of Tangy Raspberry Silo[9] EAAs with hydration factors to help replenish the electrolytes lost in his hard workout session.