Follow along as IFBB Pro Nathan De Asha takes you through his last chest workout before the 2021 IFBB Italy Pro. He fuels this workout with Grape Bubble Gum HOSSTILITY, an all-in-one bodybuilding pre-workout designed to support energy, endurance, pump, focus, and strength. Nathan does not believe in changing many variables the last week out from the show, and he still focuses on training heavy leading into the show. 


Flat Plate loaded Chest Press
Here Nathan is focusing on building up the weight each set. He focuses on keeping his chest lifted and his shoulder blades pulled back throughout the movement. Even though he is going heavy, he keeps perfect form to prevent injury this close to the show. Make sure you do not let your chest cave inward while performing this exercise, as it will take the focus off of your chest.

Decline Plate Loaded Chest Press
This workout is all about attacking the chest from different angles. A decline press recruits the most amount of chest muscle fibers, which will help you develop a bigger barrel chest. Make sure you keep your elbows slightly tucked in, your shoulders pulled back, and your chest lifted. Build up the weight each set until you reach failure between 8-12 reps.

Incline Dumbbell Fly
Incline dumbbell flyes are the first isolation exercise of the workout. Here, Nathan focuses on getting a good stretch in the pecs at the bottom and squeezing his pecs as hard as he can at the top of the fly. Form is key in this exercise. Do not try to just go heavy, you want to make sure you are getting a good stretch and contraction each rep. Take the last set to failure.

Incline Plate Loaded Chest Press
If you want a chest shelf that you can rest your shaker cup on, this is the exercise for you. Build up the weight each set until you hit failure at 8-12 reps on the last set. Keep your chest lifted and push through the movement. Control each rep on the way down and explosively drive the handles towards the ceiling on the positive part of this movement.

Rope Pushdown
Nathan finishes his chest workout with a triceps isolation exercise. In each of the pressing movements, the triceps help the chest move the weight. To fully exhaust the triceps, Nathan does rope pushdowns on a cable machine. Here you want to keep your arms in line with your ribs, allow your arms to come as high as they can before your elbows try to move forward, pause for a second, and then straighten your arms and slightly pull the rope apart at the bottom so that your hands do not hit your thighs. Make sure each rep is slow and controlled, and only your forearms are moving.

Following the workout, Nathan enjoys a delicious Milk Chocolate ISO[H1] grass fed whey isolate protein shake to help jumpstart the muscle recovery process. With 26 grams of protein per serving, it's the perfect post-workout protein to help fuel better recovery and muscle growth.