IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad takes us through an arm workout and breaks down each exercise to help you get the most out of your training for massive results! 


With just three supersets, your arms will be burning and pumped like never before! Use his training cues for each exercise to get massive results. Three supersets, six exercises, one intense workout.

To make arm training more challenging and get the biggest pump possible, this workout supersets between biceps and triceps. By supersetting, the workout can be done in a shorter time frame, and it keeps the blood in the arms for the most intensity possible.

When training arms, use a moderate weight with higher sets and reps for intensity. Using a moderate weight will help avoid unnecessary stress on the biceps or triceps tendons, which can lead to elbow pain in the future. Stick to a higher rep range, in the 10 – 15 range each set, with a good squeeze at the peak of the contraction for max results.

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Sets & Reps


Triceps cable pressdown

superset with

Cable curl

4 x 10 – 15

Gradually increase the weight each set as the muscles and joints warms up.


Use a closer grip, keep the shoulders pulled back, and keep the cable in front of you to isolate the triceps. Don’t lean over the bar as you press down.

All the movement should happen at the elbow, not the shoulder. Elbow should hit 90 degrees at the top, with a hard squeeze at the bottom.


Cable Curls

Fully extend the arms at the bottom of the movement to stretch out the biceps.

Keep your chest up and shoulders back to isolate the biceps.

At the top of each curl, squeeze the bicep.

Machine preacher curl

superset with

Machine triceps pressdown

4 x 10 – 15

Preacher Curls

Work from a standing position so your body is leaning over the machine as you curl, more like a spider curl. This position isolates the biceps by reducing the ability to use momentum on your reps.

Take a grip on the machine that works for you and targets the bicep.

If you have a training partner, add a couple of forced reps where they help you reach the top of the contraction, but you fully control the eccentric phase to the bottom.



Sit facing the machine (not facing outward), to target the triceps and reduce the amount of chest recruitment. This creates a movement where you’re pressing behind the body.

Laying triceps extensions (skullcrushers)

superset with

Barbell curls

4 x 10 – 15

Don’t rush your reps – make sure you can feel the muscle working on every rep, through the full range.


Use an EZ bar to alleviate the strain on your wrists. The curves in the bar allow your wrists to be in a more ergonomically correct position.

Perform these laying on the floor to use dead stops, where the bar rests on the floor overhead each rep to completely load the triceps and reduce the stress on the elbows at the bottom.

Control each rep and remove the bounce at the bottom to build your lockout strength.


Standing Barbell Curls

Grip the bar where you’re able to target the bicep and get a full range of motion.

Fully extend the arms at the bottom and contract the biceps to bring the bar all the way up to the top.

Reduce the swing in your arms to make sure the biceps are working on every rep.