Whether you are one week out from the Olympia or just traveling for a vacation or work, IFBB Pro Nathan Epler shows you that there is no excuse not to stick to your diet when on the road.


Pro Tip 1: Airlines allow you to travel with food as long as there aren’t liquids. Nathan packs a few meals to get him through the day of traveling. To be prepared, Nathan will meal prep ahead of time by freezing extra chicken and steak. This will allow you to not only have extra food, but these will also act as an icepack which saves room and allows you to pack more food.

Pro Tip 2: Book an Airbnb to stay at instead of a traditional hotel. This will allow you to have access to a full kitchen. By having a kitchen, you won’t have to try and pack meals for the whole stay. You can just visit the local grocery store and cook all of your food once you are at your location.

Pro Tip 3: Southwest Airlines allows you to have two checked bags and a carry-on bag. This will allow you to bring everything you need to the show or on vacation. In order to be most successful with your goals, you want to keep everything as similar to your normal day to day life as possible. This makes it easy to bring things like food scales, training gear, your Hosstile supplements to help fuel your training while on the road, etc.