Fouad Abiad, Paul Lauzon, and Sam Sulek hit the grocery store to stock up for the weekend in Ohio, talk about Sam’s favorite foods, and meet a fan.

The shopping trip kicks off a full day of eating for Sam, which Fouad plans on matching.

Sam sticks to his basic foods to help him hit his huge daily caloric need. He shops by macronutrient – protein, carbohydrates, and fats – relying on convenient and easy-to-cook options. For protein, he opts for beef over chicken because it’s easier to cook. He looks for ground beef that’s 80/20%, advising to watch the color of the meat for freshness.

His primary sources of carbs come from cereal, microwavable packets of rice, and a whole case of ramen noodles. Cereal isn’t complete without milk, so he buys a gallon of whole milk which will boost his protein and fat intake. Sam’s current cereal of choice is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, so he buys 2 family-sized boxes.

After getting a late start to the day in terms of eating, Sam also picks up a quart of chocolate milk for a quick calorie boost. He starts drinking it immediately after checking out of the store and will likely finish it before they get back to the house. The quart of milk provides a huge 1000 calories, and 64g of protein, which is easily consumed in a couple of minutes.

To round out the shopping trip, they pick up a pack of 12 Krispy Kreme donuts. On a normal weekly shopping trip, Sam will get a 6-pack of donuts… which lasts him the car ride home.

Don’t miss the full day of eating video to see if Fouad and Paul keep up to Sam’s calorie count – and food choices.