Join Sam Sulek as he prepares one of his go-to breakfasts that’s packed with the macronutrients needed to fuel his afternoon arm workout.

Today’s breakfast consists of 2 packs of ramen noodles as a carb source and 8 whole eggs for protein and fat – and to make it feel like a traditional “breakfast.”

As a college student, Sam Sulek keeps it simple with his meals, focusing on the protein, carbs, and fat macros he needs to support muscle growth. After tracking his macros for so long, he doesn’t need to look up the nutritional info of the foods he eats on a regular basis, and he can keep a running total in his mind, ensuring he’s getting enough calories in his day.

Sam gets started by setting a pot of water to boil and heats up a pan to cook eggs. Once the pan is hot, he adds a little bit of oil before cracking 8 eggs to give him 48g of protein and 40g of fat. To keep it easy and quick, he scrambles the eggs and then adds the ramen noodles to the pot of boiling water.

When the noodles are cooked, Sam mixes in both flavor packs. To prevent the noodles from getting too soft, he strains them and then adds cold water to the pot to stop the cooking process. Even though the flavor packs are high in sodium, because he drinks so much water throughout the day, his body is able to balance the electrolytes. To help get enough water in the day, he drinks a large jug of water with CDX Cluster Dextrin from HOSSTILE before training for an easily digestible source of carbs.

Sam’s piece of advice for new lifters is to aim for at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight to help grow muscle. Sam prioritizes protein at each meal, and prefers to evenly space his calories throughout the day so he doesn’t wind up with too many calories left at the end of the day and have to stay up late to get more food in.

This muscle-building breakfast comes in at around 1100 calories.