NPC Bodybuilder Justin Shier takes you on his weekly grocery store trip 3 weeks out from the NPC Nationals.


Bodybuilder Justin Shier meticulously breaks down his grocery haul, item by item, and shows you exactly what a food bill looks like for a competitive bodybuilder.

Pro Tip: If you go grocery shopping while hungry, you will tend to make less healthy choices. By eating a meal right before you shop it will be more likely to stick to your normal grocery list.


Bodybuilder Grocery Shopping list:

Cold brew: $5.99

Sugar free jello: $2.79

Egg whites: $1.99 x 3

96% lean beef: $7.99 x 3

99% ground turkey: $7.99 x 3

Wild caught cod (2lbs): $22.60

Green zucchini: $0.91

Asparagus: $4.79

Broccoli slaw: $2.99

Green beans: $3.99

Tabasco sauce: $3.99

Sugar-free Baby Rays BBQ sauce: $3.79

Calrose rice: $7.99

Avocado oil cooking spray: $5.99

Smoked paprika: $6.74

Coffee: $17.00

Gatorade zero: $1.25 x 4

Total: $151.18